Camila de Luna Danza

Camila was born August 29, 2019 and is registered and computer chipped through the PFHA. She is a beautifully marked bay pinto filly out of foundation Paso Fino stock. She had the privilege of being born and brought up in the same pasture with both of her parents until she joined the larger herd after weaning. She is a pleasure to be around and her temperament is quiet and willing. She should be a nice, medium size and her mane will be at least 24 inches long at maturity. She enjoys being touched and brushed all over, is easy to halter and lead, willingly picks up her feet for handling (she has had her feet trimmed several times without incident), and is already an easy horse to train. I have been hesitant to sell her because of her beauty and sweetness, but will have two new Paso Fino foals on the ground by the beginning of autumn. She is available for purchase. $2500

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