Katy McCall

My darling, Joy.
Ben, my first heritage horse.

My love affair with the Tennessee Walking Horse was just beginning when I met Billy Taylor of Winchester, TN, and discovered his lovingly preserved, heritage Echo bloodlines.  At Moondance Walking Horse Farm, we have carefully chosen our broodmares and our fabulous stallion from those same special lines. My love of Heritage Tennessee Walking Horses and the desire to improve everything within my power has become a way of life.  We take each and every horse on our farm to the trail at four years of age, whether broodmare or stallion, as proof of the quality we strive for through breeding, feed, forage, hoof care, interaction and training. Unlike many breeding farms, we do not simply breed horses with Heritage bloodlines, we breed Heritage horses that have proven their worthiness to reproduce, especially under saddle. 


Pride's Royal Master, who was born in 1976 out of Pride of Midnight HF and Delight's Lindy Lee, both from old foundation lines, has enhanced our breeding program with yet another sensible, gentle, naturally gaited bloodline.  Though the Pride bloodlines are excluded from the acceptable bloodlines in the IHWHA (International Heritage Walking Horse Association), we have loved the effect Royal Master has had on our breeding program. Though four of our mares have Pride's Royal Master lines, they are still considered full Heritage except our one Royal Master daughter, Royal's Merry Dee, who is considered breeding stock.



My husband, Scott, and I have been married since 1993 and enjoy trail riding together very much. Of our three children, only our daughter rides with us though both of her older brothers are thankful to have grown up unconventionally on a farm.

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