Tallassee, Alabama

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Moondance Farm is located in Tallassee, Alabama near Interstate 85, between Auburn and Montgomery.  We are dedicated to producing both Tennessee Walking Horses with foundation bloodlines, before modern breeding changed the conformation, temperament and purpose of the Tennessee Walking Horse and Paso Finos with a strong Puerto Rican bloodline influence. Our TWHs exhibit the characteristics the breed was originally designed to have;  a sturdy build with a good hoof, a gentle temperament, an affinity for human interaction, a relaxed and natural trail gait, and a great mind. Our Paso Finos are hand raised to become incredible pleasure or performance horses with willing gentle attitudes. We strive to train all of our horses on the ground and under saddle to be relaxed and natural, freely giving the balanced gait they have been bred to display. It is important to us that our horses begin their journey from our farm barefoot, having had exceptional nutrition, and positive, consistent, hands on attention.


As an Alabama Gaited Horse Farm, we have the opportunity to train our horses on the trail year round, creating willing partners that exemplify the signature Tennessee Walking Horse gaits without mechanical aids or artificial enhancements and Paso Finos that are ready for any adventure their rider dreams of. Each and every horse in our breeding program has been trained and ridden prior to reproducing to prove breeding worthiness. We subscribe to a natural breeding program with our foals being born in the pasture as a part of the herd from birth. We recommend  buyers spend adequate time to make a connection with a potential  new horse from our program, giving both the horse and new owner the opportunity to be as happy as possible with each other before leaving Moondance Gaited Horse Farm for their new home. We provide the support to show that horse at liberty with the herd, on the ground, under saddle on the trail, in the arena, and in any situation that will give confidence to the purchaser. 

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